Everyone’s reaction to Gareth’s legendary goal against Barcelona

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when ur friend starts liking something u rly like


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i hate that i literally cant tell if im ugly or not and i cant tell if im really fat or just like kinda fat i literally cant tell and sometimes ill be like “im just being dumb im pretty good looking” and then ill be like “wow im being so egotistical i definitely look like shit what am i talking about” like i just…. dont know and it bothers me so much cos it’s something i can’t understand 


tumblr user: CAN *gif* WE *gif* JUST *gif* TALK *gif* ABOUT *gif* THIS *gif* FOR *gif* A *gif* MOMENT *gif* *gif *gif*

me: Chill

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everything about this is pure gold.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger + emotions after World Cup final;

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  • Reporter: Why didn't you bring your wife Lisa with you to Brazil?
  • Thomas Müller: Well, she's not a purse that I just can bring with me. She's a woman with her own will, she wants to do her own thing.

We all saw each other in here in 2006 and it was already great back then, but now we finally won the cup and earned that 4th star. Thank you for the support! Thank you!

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it took me years to understand this joke

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